‘House of Cards’ Showrunner on Why Horrifying the Media Feels So Good (Video)

Beau Willimon talks Kata Mara and the way the characters on his hit Netflix show, ‘House of Cards’ have been received by DC and the media

Beau Willimon didn’t set out to shame the media in “House of Cards.” He just wanted to write a story about the pursuit of power set in the vicious world of Washington D.C.

Yet a journalist (Kate Mara) who employs her good looks to charm sources is central to that story, upsetting the oversensitive among us in the media. They can dish it but they can’t take it.

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“If we’re seeing corrupt, ethically questionable people in the land of politics, we’re also seeing those kinds of people in the media world too,” Willimon told TheWrap.

The “House of Cards” showrunner sat down with TheWrap after the end of the first season to discuss the reaction to the show and Season Two.