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How Alexander Skarsgard’s Embarrassing Viral Clip Got Him a Job (Video)

”War on Everyone“ director John Michael McDonagh says Skarsgard’s rowdy YouTube cameo at a soccer match got him hired

The darkly comic, rough and tumble buddy flick “War on Everyone” made quite an impression in early screenings and at March’s SXSW festival — and we can spot the winning ingredients in leading men Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard.

Pena gets a chance to shine as a leading man, while Skarsgard gets to unleash a grittier side of the brooding intensity he puts forth in projects like “True Blood.”

In fact, director John Michael McDonagh discovered Skarsgard in a 2013 viral video, which shows the actor amping up a stadium full of soccer fans.

“I saw Alex on YouTube inciting a crowd at a Swedish football match. I said,  ‘I want to work with that actor,” the director said.

“I can’t believe I got job out of that,” Skarsgard responded. “I thought that would ruin my career.”

See Skarsgard get passionate over soccer below.