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How #BlackoutBlackFriday Boycott Fared on Social Media During Black Friday

The campaign protesting shopping on Black Friday inspired by ”Fruitvale Station“ Director Ryan Coogler draws close to 80,000 mentions on Twitter

The protests to the non-indictment of police officer Darren Wilson last week extended to Hollywood, as TheWrap reported on the #BlackoutBlackFriday movement launched by “Fruitvale Station” director Ryan Coogler.

The Twitter campaign, with the stated goal of making Black Friday “a nationwide day of action and retail boycott. Blackout will be organizing grassroots events, nationwide, for people to come out and show their solidarity in the fight for equal human rights,” made a big impact on social media.

According to the social and emotional analytics firm Mashwork, there were nearly 80,000 mentions of the hashtag #BlackoutBlack Friday on Twitter on Black Friday (November 28th).

Of those interactions, nearly 35% of the tweets expressed the emotion of “love” for the campaign. Mashwork measured love by the amount of times they saw words like “dope,” “beautiful,” and “proud.”

#BlackoutBlackFriday tweets also included the hashtags #Ferguson over 15,000 times, #NotOneDime close to 10,000 times, and BlackLivesMatter close to 8,500 times.

Across America, the top states tweeting about it were California (20%), New York (20%), Illinois (9%), Missouri (8%), Texas (5%). The bottom states were South Dakota, Idaho, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Maine (all less than 1%).

Here were some of the top tweets: