When Does Obama Have Time to Watch ‘Homeland’? Its Star Explains

President told Damian Lewis when and where he watches his show

President Obama has called "Homeland" one of his favorite shows, and the show's male lead, Damian Lewis, got to ask the commander in chief exactly when he finds time to watch.

Lewis was invited to the White House in March during a state dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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How did he score the invitation? "I'm a Brit playing an American," he said. "I kind of ticked a lot of boxes."

He said he had a moment to talk with Obama and Cameron about the show.

"I did ask… when you guys get to watch TV, aren't you supposed to be running the free world together? … He said, yes, Saturday afternoons, Michelle and the two girls go play tennis, and I go in the Oval Office, I pretend I'm gonna work, and I switch on 'Homeland.'"

Obama golfs sometimes, too. Draw up the articles of impeachment.