How Hollywood’s Streaming Era Has Changed the Game for Short Films

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“It’s easy to get excited when a Netflix or some other streamer comes and offers you a big check to put your short on their site,” filmmaker Jim Cummings tells TheWrap

Short Film Industry

Much ink has been spilled about the rise of streaming that has defined the entertainment industry in the the last decade. But there’s one corner of the moviemaking world that has completely redefined by the digital age: short films. Outside of film festivals, Academy screenings, and in-house shorts developed as an opening feature for a Disney or Pixar film, it has been hard for many shorts to find a large audience. Video sites and the ongoing explosion of streaming services have changed that, as sites like Vimeo and Kickstarter make it easier for short filmmakers to produce and distribute their projects at the same time companies like HBO, Netflix, and Fox Searchlight are now on the hunt for shorts to stream.