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‘How I Met Your Father’ Gets January Premiere Date With Legendary Nod to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (Video)

”Haaaaave you heard?“

Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father,” the long-awaited spinoff of “How I Met Your Mother,” has officially been given a premiere date in 2022. And it came with a somewhat subtle but legendary callback to its predecessor.

In a new video, Hilary Duff, Francia Raisa and the rest of the cast take their time teasing the announcement, with Duff kicking things off by saying, “Haaave you heard?” Fans of the original will recognize it as a cute nod to Barney Stinson’s (Neil Patrick Harris) favorite game, “Have You Met Ted?” When attempting to be a wingman for his best bro, Barney would say it much the same way as Duff, dragging out the word “have.”

After toying with fans a bit, the video reveals that “How I Met Your Father” will premiere on Hulu on Jan. 18, 2022. You can watch the video below.


Haaave you heard? How I Met Your Father premieres January 18, only on @hulu. ##HIMYF

♬ original sound – himyfonhulu

“How I Met Your Father” will tell the story of Sophie (Duff) as she recounts the tale of how she met her son’s father. The story will start in 2021, where Sophie and her closest friends are going through the typical millennial crisis of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps.

As of right now, none of the original “How I Met Your Mother” stars are slated to return, though the original creators are (albeit in a new capacity).

“How I Met Your Father” is written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Executive producers for “How I Met Your Father” include Aptaker, Berger, Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Pam Fryman and Adam Londy. Duff will serve as a producer. “How I Met Your Father” is a production of 20th Television. 

The series stars Hilary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran and Suraj Sharma, alongside recurring stars Kim Cattrall, Daniel Augustin, Ashley Reyes and Josh Peck.