How IFC Films’ Bet on Drive-In Theaters Paid Off During the Pandemic

”It’s rare that an independent film will get that opportunity to play a drive-in,“ Arianna Bocco, of IFC Films, tells TheWrap

As movie theaters across the country began to shut down two months ago, IFC Films made the risky decision not to cancel or postpone its slate of indie and art house film releases, while also pivoting to the handful of drive-in theaters that are still open around the country.

The good news: The decision is paying off since IFC had some of the only new releases playing in theaters anywhere. The horror film “The Wretched,” for instance, has grossed $621,000 in four weeks on less than 60 screens — which would make it one of the Top 20 grossing films on IFC’s slate for each year going back to 2016.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • • Twitter: @brianwelk