How John Kasich Stole Ron Burkle Away From Hillary Clinton (Video)

GOP presidential candidate explains to Fox Business how he was able to snag one of the Clintons’ biggest backers

If you wondered why one of the Clintons’ biggest backers is now holding a fundraiser for a Republican rival, presidential candidate John Kasich, here is the answer.

Kasich told Fox Business Network on Thursday that he met billionaire Ron Burkle, a longtime Clinton donor and friend, “a couple of times” and that the two “sort of connected.”

“We had a breakfast meeting and it went on for a couple of hours,” Kasich said. “We talked a little bit about politics, but we talked an awful lot about life and about a lot of his interests and my interests. … I’m fascinated by business and I love entrepreneurs and he’s one.” Kasich added that Burkle is “terrific, he’s very successful, but he’s very humble, and he’s very appealing to the way I think people ought to conduct themselves.”

Burkle, who has raised millions for the Clintons over the years, rattled a fault line between Hollywood and Washington when he told the Los Angeles Times that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has “never asked me for a penny.” (The candidate is on a fundraising spree in California today.) Burkle also said that he has decided to host a fundraiser for Kasich next month — but that he may still back Clinton in the end.


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