How TV News Plans to Cover the Zimmerman Verdict

How the broadcast and cable networks plan to cover the Zimmerman verdict when it comes in

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 11:59 AM

Broadcast and cable networks alike are gearing up for the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial now that the jury is in deliberations.

The Sanford, Fla., jury is deciding whether the former neighborhood watch commander was justified in killing teen Trayvon Martin last year. over the neighborhood watch commander's role in the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin. The verdict could come in as early as Saturday.

Here's how TV news organizations plan to cover it:

>> CNN, which has drawn criticism for its constant coverage of the trial, told TheWrap: "We have our reporters in Sanford – George Howell, Martin Savidge and David Mattingly. We will be live and on standby."

>> "We will be live the minute it is announced that the verdict is in," said HLN, CNN's sister station. "Jane Velez-Mitchell and Ryan Smith will be in Sanford, and our prime programs and anchors, including 'Jane Velez-Mitchell,' 'Nancy Grace' and 'HLN After Dark' (hosted by Ryan Smith and Vinnie Politan) will also be live." 

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>> MSNBC promised "rolling coverage of the verdict with analysis," but declined to provide further specifics.

It is not clear how Fox News plans to cover the verdict, as it did not respond to Wrap requests for comment.

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Broadcast channels have been more conservative in their coverage of the trial and aren't expected to serve up as much rolling coverage.

>> ABC News said it plans to air a special report with ABC News Chief Legal Affairs anchor Dan Abrams and Matt Gutman. "Abrams and Gutman will report on the verdict for all broadcasts and platforms including 'World News with Diane Sawyer,' 'GMA' and 'Nightline,'" a spokesperson told TheWrap.

>> NBC News has correspondents Ron Mott and Kerry Sanders ready to report when the verdict comes in, but declined to reveal any further details.

>> CBS, meanwhile, has not made any announcement about its plans.


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