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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Stars Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee Talk #WhoKilledSam Finale Shocker (Video)

”It’s the moment where everything sort of comes to a head,“ the actor who plays Wes on the ABC drama told TheWrap in new edition of ”Drinking With the Stars“

Fans of “How to Get Away With Murder” all collectively gasped on Thursday night as Sam’s killer was finally revealed on the series’ fall finale.

TheWrap‘s executive editor Joseph Kapsch bellied up to the bar with two of Annalise’s students, Wes and Connor, played by Alfred Enoch and Jack Falahee respectively, for the latest installment of “Drinking With the Stars.”

As America continues to catch their breath following Thursday night’s episode, Enoch explained that filming the pivotal scene wasn’t easy either.

“It’s the moment where everything sort of comes to a head and playing the scenes, you know this is the big reveal people have been waiting for,” Enoch said.

“We had a lot of stunt men and women on set,” Falahee explained.

As revealing as the finale is, questions still abound about the killing. Without angering show creator Shonda Rhimes too much, the actors discussed what’s to come when Season 1 continues in January.

“I think we’re going to see how the students deal with the fallout from the murder and learning who has committed the murder,” Falahee said. “And of course the Lila Stangard case hasn’t been wrapped up so we’re definitely going to be delving into that.”

Watch the video here.

Watch more of “TheWrap’s” interview with Falahee and Enoch here:

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