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‘How To Get Away With Murder’s’ Jack Falahee, Alfred Enoch Talk Twitter Imposter, #WhoKilledSam (Video)

Co-stars discuss what motivates their characters, working opposite Viola Davis and the show’s moral compass on TheWrap’s latest ”Drinking With the Stars“

With Thursday night’s midseason finale of ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder” promising the big reveal behind the #WhoKilledSam worldwide trending topic, series stars Jack Falahee and Alfred Enoch sat down with TheWrap‘s executive editor Joseph Kapsch for the latest episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars.”

But before they could even discuss the viral hashtag, Falahee had to help his costar out a bit. “Do you know what that means, trending?” Falahee asked Enoch, who burst out laughing. “It’s a Twitter term.”

“Is it Twitter? Man, Twitter is everywhere,” Enoch marveled. The star goes into why he’s not a part of social media in a story that involves a vending machine and breakfast during the rapid fire part of the interview, which you can see here.

As for the show, Falahee said that the cast didn’t really know until a few days beforehand who the killer was. Which means that just like the rest of America, they were left to speculate and come up with theories. As for those theories?

“No comment,” Falahee said.

But while they were tight-lipped about the show’s biggest secret so far, they did discuss if it was intimidating to share a scene with Oscar-nominated Viola Davis for the first time.

“Maybe this was my foolishness, but I wasn’t intimidated, I was just looking forward to it,” Enoch said. “I thought, here’s someone who’s done some amazing work, who works to a very high standard and we get to be working with that person. And I think any time as an actor you get an opportunity to work with people who are at that level, that’s a positive thing; an opportunity to learn.”

The stars also talked briefly about how they interpreted their characters, and why “it would miss something” to define any character on the show as a moral compass. “They’re put in situations that are so extreme that they have to reevaluate their morals, their principles, things that they might and might not have done under incredible strain,” he said.

Jack Falahee and Alfred Enoch play a game of rapid fire covering topics like #WhoKilledSam and who would you call to pick you up drunk at 2 a.m. in the second part of their “Drinking With the Stars” interview, which you can see here.

“How to Get Away With Murder” returns Thursday, Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Watch more of “TheWrap’s” interview with Falahee and Enoch here:

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