How to Watch ‘Devotion’: Is the Aviation Movie Streaming?

Jonathan Majors stars as Jesse Brown, the first African American naval aviation pilot

Christina Jackson as Daisy Brown in "Devotion" (2022)
Daisy Brown (Christina Jackson) and Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) in Columbia Pictures' DEVOTION.

“Devotion” adapts the remarkable true story of Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner, Navy pilots following WWII and before The Korean War who had each other’s backs no matter what. Ensign Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) was the first African American carrier pilot to serve in the navy. He found his calling from a super young age, realizing it fully when he saw a poster advertising flying for the Navy at Ohio State University. Lieutenant Tom Hudner passed up Harvard to go to the Naval Academy, and he became Jesse’s wingman.

Based on the book by Adam Makos, “Devotion” follows Jesse and Tom’s journey alongside Fighting 32, their assigned Flight Squadron, as tension built following World War II to bleed into The Korean War. Alongside the starring pair, Christina Jackson, Joe Jonas and more appear.

Fans of Jonathan Majors and/or Glen Powell may be wondering how to watch “Devotion,” especially because it compares to “Top Gun: Maverick” and even shares a star with the Tom Cruise sequel. We have the details below:

Is “Devotion” Streaming or in Theaters?

“Devotion” was released exclusively in theaters on Wednesday, Nov. 23 for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is now available to stream on Paramount+ as of Jan. 8.

It is also available to purchase on digital.

What Is “Devotion” About?

The film introduces the nation’s first African American naval aviator Jesse Brown, who flew Corsair planes in the Navy to protect and defend soldiers on the ground. Tom Hudner (Glen Powell) meets and ultimately befriends Jesse through their work together in the planes. Tom learns a lot about Jesse through his wife Daisy (Christina Jackson) and their daughter Pam. Flight Squadron 32 also includes fellow pilots like Marty Goode (Joe Jonas), and their camaraderie takes them from military drills to Cannes, France, where they have a chance meeting with actress Elizabeth Taylor. Like author Adam Makos says, this is a story of family, friendship and war. It’s an American story.

Who Is in the “Devotion” Cast?

Jonathan Majors portrays Ensign Jesse Brown. Glen Powell plays Lt. Tom Hudner. Joe Jonas, who also wrote a song for the film featuring Khalid, portrays “bull ensign” Marty Goode. Christina Jackson plays Jesse’s wife Daisy Brown. Daren Kagasoff plays Bill Koenig, Spencer Neville plays Bo Lavery and Nick Hargrove portrays Carol Mohring. Thomas Sadoski portrays flight commander Dick Cevoli.

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