How to Watch ‘Girls State’: Is the Documentary Streaming?

The feature film comes from the makers of “Boys State”

Supreme Court Justices in "Girls State" documentary (Apple TV+)
Supreme Court Justices in "Girls State" documentary (Apple TV+)

Like the creator of “Cowboy Carter,” Beyoncé, sings time and time again, “Who run the world? Girls!” The trailer for “Girls State” suggests as much before delving into the world of young women whose interest in government takes them to the Girls State high school program in Missouri.

Girls from all backgrounds with ambitions to run for political positions attend Girls State programs across the country from California to Missouri. Similar programs for boys (Boys State) also exist, as do co-ed options.

Those curious about how younger generations approach politics and government today or hopeful for a woman president soon may be wondering how to watch “Girls State,” and we have the answers below:

When Did “Girls State” Premiere?

The documentary feature, from the filmmakers behind “Boys State” which debuted at Sundance 2020, returned four years later to the indie film festival for its premiere. 

Is “Girls State” Streaming?

“Girls State” will arrive on Apple TV+ to stream, mere months after its debut at Sundance 2024. The feature lands on the streamer on April 5.

What Is “Girls State” About?

The documentary, directed by Jesse Moss and Amanda McBaine, follows 500 teenage girls from all over Missouri who attend the week-long immersion program Girls State. The program creates a space for the attendees to work together and build a government from the ground up, campaign for office and form a Supreme Court. Complete with all three branches, the executive, judicial and legislative arms then deal with current issues facing Americans.

According to the film’s official synopsis, “the country is now deeper into democratic crisis, with civil discourse and electoral politics increasingly fragile under ever more extreme political polarization. As questions of race and gender equality in a representational democracy reach a fever pitch, these young women confront the complicated paths women must navigate to build political power. Following a distinctly female perspective and filled with teenage insecurity, biting humor and a yearning for true friendship, the young leaders of “Girls State” win hearts and minds—not just elections.”

Where Is “Boys State” Streaming?

“Boys State” (2020) is also streaming exclusively on Apple TV+.


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