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How to Watch ‘Shrinking': Where Is the Jason Segel and Harrison Ford Comedy Streaming?

Jason Segel stars as a therapist trying a new, somewhat unethical approach

Have you ever wondered what might happen if your therapist just told you exactly what they’re thinking and what you should do?

In “Shrinking,” Jason Segel stars as a widowed therapist who takes a bold new approach to his patients — and his life — when he starts practicing radical honesty, even if that means telling a patient to leave their toxic partner.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Apple TV+ comedy when it premieres Friday, Jan. 27.

Is “Shrinking” Streaming?

Yes, the dark comedy is now streaming on Apple TV+.

What Is “Shrinking” About?

After the devastating loss of his wife, Jimmy (Segel) finds himself at a new low in life as he takes on self-destructive practices, which isn’t helped by his job as a therapist as he watches his patients get stuck in similar, harmful patterns. After blurting out that his patient should leave her toxic husband — and his advice is taken — Jimmy finally begins to feel relief — leading to his own breakthrough.

Who Is in the “Shrinking” Cast?

Segel stars as Jimmy alongside Harrison Ford, who stars as Paul. Notable cast members also include Jessica Williams, Christa Miller, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie and Lukita Maxwell.

Watch the “Shrinking” Trailer: