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How to Watch ‘Violent Night': Is David Harbour’s Santa Movie Streaming?

The R-rated film also stars John Leguizamo

It’s time for David Harbour to take a turn portraying Father Christmas. Known for other fatherly roles like Jim Hopper in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and Alexei in Marvel’s “Black Widow,” the actor takes on a Christmas night crime in addition to Santa’s yearly duty of delivering presents across the entire planet in one night in the R-rated actioner “Violent Night.” John Leguizamo plays the bad guy — Scrooge.

From director Tommy Wirkola, the film has a runtime of 1 hour and 52 minutes. Within that time frame, David Harbour’s Santa Claus embarks on his mission to drop off presents, when John Leguizamo and his cronies interrupt the regularly scheduled program by attempting a robbery of a very rich family.

Fans of David Harbour and or John Leguizamo may be wondering how to watch “Violent Night,” and we have the details.

When Does “Violent Night” Come Out?

Santa’s annual Christmas journey with a twist arrives Friday, Dec. 2.

Is “Violent Night” Streaming or in Theaters?

“Violent Night” was released exclusively in theaters on Dec. 2, but will be streaming exclusively on Peacock starting Jan. 20. You can get a Peacock subscription for as low as $4.99 in order to stream the film. Violent Night is also now available on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD.

What Is “Violent Night” About?

Santa checks his list every year, most times even twice, but one thing he does not have on the list is rescuing a little girl and her parents from mercenaries who attack their estate on Christmas Eve. Leah Brady’s Trudy Lightstone receives a direct line to Father Christmas, and she teams up with him in taking down the group of criminals trying to rob her parents.

Who Is in the “Violent Night” Cast?

David Harbour plays Santa Claus. Lequizamo plays the villain, conveniently named Scrooge. Beverly D’Angelo appears as Gertrude Lightstone, Cam Gigandet plays Morgan Steel, Edi Patterson plays Alva Lightstone and Brendan Fletcher portrays Krampus. Leah Bradt plays Trudy Lightstone, Alexander Elliot portrays Bert, Alexis Louder plays Linda, Mitra Suri plays Candy Cane, Sephanie Sy plays Sugarplum and John B. Lowe plays another Santa Claus.

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