How to Watch ‘Wolf Pack’: Is the Sarah Michelle Gellar Show Streaming?

Edo Van Belkom’s books serve as source material


Scream queen Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on the small screen, and we’re here for it! Edo Van Belkom’s “Wolf Pack” will leap off the pages in a new TV adaptation starring Gellar. “Teen Wolf” creator Jeff Davis has a two-in-one rollout of wolf-themed stories arriving at the end of January with the original spin-off film coming out the same day as “Wolf Pack.” Davis serves as executive producer on “Wolf Pack” in addition to writing as a part of his multi-year deal with MTV Entertainment Studios. 

Joe Genier, Mike Elliott and Karen Gorodetzky also serve as executive producers for Capital Arts, and Jason Ensler, Michelle Gellar and Christian Taylor executive produce as well on the Paramount+ original series. Gellar plays a major role in the series, trading vampires for werewolves.

Fans of “Teen Wolf” or Sarah Michelle Gellar or Ed Van Belkom’s books may be wondering how to watch “Wolf Pack,” and we have the details below:

When Does “Wolf Pack” Premiere?

“Wolf Pack” arrives Thursday, Jan. 26.

Will “Wolf Pack” Be Streaming?

“Wolf Pack” will also head straight to streaming, exclusively on Paramount+.

What Is “Wolf Pack” About?

A California wildfire significantly alters the life courses of a teenage boy and girl caught up in the chaos that ensues when the blaze awakens an ominous supernatural force that in turn attacks their school bus when it gets tangled in traffic as a result of the natural disaster. The boy — Everett — and the girl — Bella — gravitate toward each other after they get bit by a werewolf. They team up with two other teens, who experienced a similar situation down to the wildfire 16 years earlier, to trace what is really happening in their hometown.

Who Is in “Wolf Pack”?

Armani Jackson (“Honor Society,” Chad”) stars as Everett, Bella Shepard (“iCarly,” “The Wilds”) plays Blake. Chloe Rose Robertson (“Wildflower”) appears as Luna, and Tyler Lawrence Gray (“Our Town,” “Macbeth”) plays Harlan. Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) stars as Kristin Ramsey who investigates the fire and its results, searching for the kids affected by the blaze. Rodrigo Santoro (“Westworld”) plays Garrett Briggs, who gets recruited to help Gellar’s character in her sleuthing.