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Howard Stern: I Was Offered Someone’s TV Show

Sirius shock jock says he’s been approached about taking over existing show

The latest wrinkle in Howard Stern’s contractual angling with Sirius: The shock jock says he was approached about a return to TV — not only that, he was offered someone’s existing show.

In making the revelation to his satellite radio listeners Wednesday, Stern also reiterated that he’s been approached by terrestrial radio about a return.

And just like with those radio talks, Stern wouldn’t reveal which network approached him for TV. But the King of All Media did say the offer was for 2011. His five-year, $500 million contract with Sirius expires at the end of the year.

Stern said he considered the offer “carefully” – and apparently laid out “heavy” demands – but refused to engage in a negotiation with the network and ultimately turned the gig down. (Stern even joked that the show would be called “CSI: Paramus,” a nod to his early TV years on WWOR-TV in New Jersey.)

I have no doubt TV executives would want to talk to Stern — with his built-in band of rabid followers — about a possible return.

(Although I doubt the major networks would — given Stern’s reputation for strippers and midgets, etc., and his battles with the FCC. And there’s no way Stern would pull a Jay Leno and force an existing late night host like Jimmy Kimmel off the airwaves. My guess, cable: Spike TV, or perhaps his former broadcast partner E!, would seem to have a natural interest.)

But even more than the terrestrial talk, this on-air admission by Stern seems to be pure shock jock posturing in a contract year.

And, as it’s been noted before, Sirius chief Mel Karmazin said in December that he expected as much from Stern heading into 2010.

Stern added that he is not in negotiations with anyone right now, and likes the idea of not having a plan.

We’ll see.

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