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Howard Stern’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Move Explained Through Taiwanese Animation (Video)

A lot of green gas is involved

Look, we think the whole Taiwanese animation thing is a little overdone. We worry that the extreme dumbing down of American news stories may lead to confusion and misunderstandings between our two peoples.

But once in the while the short films tell a story exactly right. Take the latest one, about Howard Stern's move to "America's Got Talent."

Next Media Animation's account isn't perfect, of course — the images on the screen and the narration seem a bit disconnected, possibly due to the English translation. So, in the name of cross-cultural understanding, we're offering our own play-by-play of the video below.

It begins after the video:

Howard Stern is a radio personality who farts on people and they laugh.

NBC executives didn't like this, so they slapped a sticker on his mouth saying FCC, and fired him.

He is then declared King of All Media, and NBC has to kiss his ring.

Stern laughs like Jabba the Hutt.

The NBC man uses a bag full of money to trick Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel into a cage.

When they arrive in New York, Stern lords over them in his "Fartman" costume. He farts on them but this time they do not laugh.

A woman spins around in front of the judges' table and Stern demeans "America's Got Talent," one of our nation's proudest institutions, by turning her into a pole dancer.

See? Pretty much exactly how it happened.