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10 WTF Moments in ‘Suicide Squad’

Flawed logic in this supervillain universe had us scratching our heads (and rolling our eyes)

Even though it has been widely criticized for being an overstuffed pile of comic-book gobbledygook, Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad” is still luring a massive audience. And the many people who go and see it this weekend may come out scratching their heads.

TheWrap took a closer look at the odd logic of the “Suicide Squad” storytellers. The following is a list of WTF moments — ones that simply perplexed us — that happen over the course of movie.

Spoiler warning: This list is chock-full of ‘em.

1. Slipnot dies. Fast.
He’s killed just few minutes after being introduced. And no, it’s not a fake-out. Slipknot didn’t get the same illustrious introduction as did all the other Suicide Squaders, so there were no stakes. We were clued in not to care about him at all.

2. Is that kissing or CPR? 
Batman pulls a motionless Quinn out of the water and immediately puts his mouth to her mouth. A kissing sound is made and it’s not clear at all whether he’s smooching the insane villainess or resuscitating her.

3. No checks and balances.
All it takes is one boardroom demonstration and Amanda Waller’s untested covert defense program gets the green light from top government brass. I mean, what could go wrong?

4. Deadshot flip-flops.
The sharpshooting character says early on he plans to kill Waller, Rick Flag and their associates. Just seconds later in the very same scene he starts urging the Squad to protect Flag, directing them to encircle him at one point, saying: “He dies, we die!”

5. Haven’t we heard that before?
As Quinn, Margot Robbie appears to be employing the same accent she used for “Wolf of Wall Street.” It’s very similar, at least.

6. Boomerang didn’t do anything significant.
He threw a boomerang, like, once. And it didn’t even do any damage.

7. No one thought for a second The Joker died.
He floats away in a fiery helicopter crash behind a corner as Quinn looks on horrified. But did anyone really believe The Joker perished?

8. Katana. Why’d you go? 
The sword-swinging hero stalls before going into a bar with the rest of the team — and then says nothing as the rest of them reflect and bond.

9. Oh, so he’s a Boomerang in more ways than one!
Back at the bar, Boomerang bolts — during one of the few moments in the movie that makes actual sense — only to rejoin the squad moments later.

10. Enchantress gets in her own way. 
Why didn’t Enchantress just cut and run during the final battle? Her magic was — as she characterized it — taking over the entire world. All she had to do was take a seat in Fiji or somewhere while her spell killed the Squad and the rest of the planet.

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