Hugh Grant Criticized for Oscars Red Carpet Interview: ‘He’s Being Shady’

The actor’s chat with Ashley Graham is going viral for all the wrong reasons

ashley graham hugh grant oscars abc
Ashley Graham interviews Hugh Grant on the 95th Oscars red carpet. (ABC)

And the award for the most awkward red carpet moment at the 95th Academy Awards goes to… Hugh Grant.

The British actor was interviewed by Ashley Graham during ABC’s “Countdown to the Oscars” pre-show Sunday. And things seemed to get off on the wrong foot right from the first question.

“What’s your favorite thing about coming to the Oscars?” Graham asked.

“Uh… well… it’s fascinating,” the presenter replied. “The whole of humanity is here. It’s Vanity Fair.”

“Oh it’s all about Vanity Fair,” Graham replied. “That’s where we let loose and have fun.”

Grant was referencing society from William Makepeace Thackeray’s classic novel, but Graham thought he was addressing the Oscars afterparty with the same name. His answers got shorter and more impatient from there.

“Are you excited to see anybody win? Do you have your hopes up for anyone,” Graham asked.

“Um… no one in particular,” Grant replied.

“What are you wearing tonight then?” she asked, relying on the old fashion standby question.

“Just my suit,” Grant responded.

Watch the exchange below:

#HughGrant began trending on Twitter, with several entertainment journalists calling out Grant’s behavior and Graham’s professionalism.

“OK, Hugh Grant be nice to Ashley Grant, he’s giving her nothing,” tweeted Bevy Smith. “I don’t like that, he’s being shady and making her work way too hard.”

“You don’t have to be that much of a d–k, Hugh Grant. I mean you really just don’t. #AcademyAwards#Oscars,” added Rebecca Carroll.

“Major s/o to Ashley Graham for handling that Hugh Grant interview with grace and patience,” wrote People reporter Dave Quinn.

“Why agree to an interview if you have no interest in participating?” asked Trevor Scott.

Read more tweets about the awkward exchange below:

The 95th Oscars is airing live on ABC from L.A.’s Dolby Theatre Sunday with Jimmy Kimmel hosting.