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Hugh Jackman Gets the Last Laugh Over Ryan Reynolds in Online Feud (Video)

The X-Men universe actors made commercials for each others’ brands, Laughing Man Coffee and Aviation Gin

Last Updated: February 8, 2019 @ 3:44 PM

The ongoing online feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds came to a hilarious, dramatic end on Wednesday.

The two X-Men universe stars have been playful frenemies online for months but recently declared a “truce” in their internet war. In a new video where they agreed to bury the hatchet, Reynolds looked like he would come out the bigger man … that is until Jackman got the last laugh.

Reynolds and Jackman agreed to make advertisements for each others’ brands: Reynolds did one for Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee, and Jackman created a pitch for Reynolds’s Aviation Gin — or so he claimed.

“Can a coffee be a superhero,” Reynolds asked in a slick, professional-looking and even inspirational coffee advertisement that Reynolds boasted cost $1 million. “And Hugh could be behind such a Hugh-oic company? My friend, Hugh Jackman.”

Surely Jackman’s was just as sincere, right?

“Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total [bleep],” Jackman said in his ad. “The gin’s pretty great though. I’ll have to try it some day.” He then tips the bottle over on its side and lets it spill all over a table as he smirks into the camera in self-satisfaction.

Who could’ve asked for a better end to this brilliant, fake feud? Perhaps someday they can revive their feud for real in an R-rated “Wolverine vs. Deadpool” movie.

Watch the “truce” video above.