Hulk Hogan Says Gawker’s Nick Denton ‘Scared the Hell Out of Me’ During Sex-Tape Trial

“He just sat there staring,” wrestling legend recalls

Hulk Hogan may have emerged triumphant in his lawsuit against Gawker, but it looks like we know who would win in a staring contest between Hogan and Gawker founder, Nick Denton.

In an interview with the New York Post, Hogan — who was awarded a total of $140 million in damages in his lawsuit against Gawker — said that Denton “scared the hell out of me” during the trial, which took place in Florida.

“Denton and I had a stare-down. He scared me staring at me, man. He just sat there staring,” Hogan said. “It was right after his cross-examination. He stood up and stared. It was like he was going to call me out at ‘Wrestlemania,’ Yikes!”

Hogan also referred to Denton as a puppet master who’s “very proud of his buccaneering young stud,” meaning former Gawker editor, A.J. Daulerio.

The wrestling legend added that he was offered “a large amount of money” to settle the case, but chose “not to put my tail between my legs.”

Hogan sued Gawker claiming that the website had violated his privacy by publishing portions of a sex tape featuring him and the then-wife of his friend, Todd “Bubba the Love Sponge” Clem. Hogan maintained that he was unaware that the sexual encounter was being recorded.

Denton has said that Gawker will appeal the case.