Hundreds of IMAX ‘Transformers’ Tickets Purchased in Man’s Bid to Win Back Long, Lost Love

What have you done for your significant other, lately?

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” may be the beginning to one of the greatest love stories ever told — if one Chinese man’s crazy scheme to win back his ex-girlfriend works out, at least.

The South China Morning Post reports a rags-to-riches man, surnamed Wang, has spent a quarter of a million yuan buying hundreds of tickets to IMAX screenings of the Paramount release to impress a woman who left him seven years ago and moved to Beijing after he was unable to afford a movie date.

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In an effort to show his ex how successful he has become, he  booked all of the seats in four out of the six IMAX theatres in China’s capital city for Friday’s showing of the fourth installment in the Michael Bay-directed franchise about giant, transforming robots from space.

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“I only want to say that you might have been wrong when you made that decision,’ he reportedly wrote last week on his Weibo blog — a popular social media network in China — which he used to spread the word about his romantic gesture.

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He offered the tickets to Weibo users in Beijing who would share his post, and they did, as it went viral with over 110,000 shares.

According to the South China Morning Post, 1,590 bloggers as of Thursday were awarded a ticket for helping Wang look like a boss. And maybe, just maybe, transform his relationship status.