ICM Partners COO Justin Dearborn, HR Chief Cindy Ballard Resign

They resigned this week, but will  stay on throughout the end of the year to assist with the transition

ICM Partners

ICM Partner’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Dearborn and chief human resources officer Cindy Ballard are headed for the exit.

An ICM spokesman confirmed to TheWrap that both executives resigned earlier this week, capping brief stints at the Hollywood talent agency.

According to the spokesman, both Dearborn and Ballard are leaving on amicable terms. They will  stay on through the end of the year to assist with the transition, though no successors have been named at this point.

Dearborn joined ICM after stepping down from his post as CEO and chairman of Tribune Publishing earlier this year.

Dearborn had been close to many of the scandals surrounding Tribune in recent years. He assumed that top job in March 2018 after his predecessor, Michael Ferro, was forced out in the wake of a #MeToo scandal. Dearborn was known to be a close ally of Ferro.

Prior to Tribune, Dearborn was CEO of technology firm Merge Healthcare Inc. ICM nabbed Dearborn for the newly created COO position, in part, due to his expertise in M&A, integrations, and corporate development.

Ballard was also a veteran of Tribune Publishing, where she worked with Dearborn and also served as chief human resources officer. She joined ICM in March 2018, taking over from longtime ICM human resources head Karen Abrams, who retired in 2017.

Variety first reported the news.