#ICYMI on TheWrap: 10 of the Week’s Top Showbiz Stories

In case you missed it, "Breaking Bad" shattered ratings records, Oprah apologized for racist handbag furor, Orson Scott Card gave Summit yet another headache

Brad Pitt, Horror, Ryan Reynolds and China: The Summer's Biggest Winners and Losers
Despite a year of bad buzz about "World War Z," Pitt managed to score a worldwide hit that moviegoers loved. Reynolds, on the other hand, couldn't carry another expensive studio tentpole. What other films joined his in the summer hall of shame: here are the summer's six biggest payoffs and five biggest bombs.

MPAA Confirms Hollywood Victory in China Box-Office Standoff
After holding hundreds of millions of dollars hostage in a dispute over a 2 percent luxury tax, China's biggest distributor is finally paying Hollywood studios "in full" for past box-office reciepts from the largest international movie market, the Motion Picture Association of America announced Tuesday.

How Social Media Is Revolutionizing the Flailing Movie Tracking Industry
It's not just a matter of "likes" and retweets — several market-research firms are shaking up the way they track how potential moviegoers are responding to upcoming films.

'Enders Game' Author Orson Scott Card Compares Obama to Hitler: What Can Summit Do?
Although Barack Obama is nearing the end of his two-term limit as the President of the United States, Card wrote a blog post in May to argue Obama "could become a lifetime dictator without any serious internal opposition." The media just picked up on the rant this week, and presented Summit Entertainment yet another headache as the studio prepares to release "Ender's Game" in the fall. Considering Summit just got done addressing Card's anti-gay comments, TheWrap realized its PR department may need some advice.

'Glee' Star Lea Michele Dedicates Teen Choice Award to Cory Monteith During Emotional Tribute (Video)
The 26-year-old actress has only addressed the passing of Cory Monteith — her on-and-off-screen boyfriend — with a few tweets here and there, but when she accepted her 2013 Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Comedy Actress she truly opened up about her loss. In other Monteith news, both of his final films, "McCanick" and "All the Wrong Reasons," will premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

'Breaking Bad': The Case for Why It Isn't Good
The Onion AV Club's Stephen Bowie argued that the critically-acclaimed AMC series about a chemistry teacher-turned-meth chef is absent "of humanism at its core." TheWrap's TV editor Tim Molloy whole-heartedly disagrees. And he's not alone, either. A record  5.9 million total viewers tuned in Sunday to watch the series kick off its first of eight final episodes. Viewers can't stop speculating on the upcoming series finale, and some even think they have figured it out.

Oprah Winfrey Apologizes for Racist Handbag Furor
Racism hasn't left the headlines since the George Zimmerman trial started and Paula Deen admitted to saying the N-word, but Winfrey is apologizing for adding more fuel to the fire by sharing a story about a Swiss store clerk who allegedly refused to show her a $38,000 handbag. Somewhat surprisingly, conservative commentor Bill O'Reilly doesn't think she has anything to apologize for. Unsurprisingly, Rush Limbaugh added Winfrey's weight to the mix.

Sony Denies Report That George Clooney's 'Monuments Men' Won't Get Oscar Push (Exclusive)
Goldderby's Tom O'Neil suggested that "Monuments Men" will not be waging an Oscar campaign in the Best Picture, Best Director and acting categories "because it's chiefly a popcorn thriller, not gourmet Oscar fare." TheWrap's Steve Pond talked to a Sony Pictures executive who suggested otherwise.

Time Warner Cable Slapped With Class Action Suit Over CBS Blackout
As CBS continues to bicker with TWC over a retransmission dispute, the television network has gained a new ally: three pissed-off TWC customers who are demanding restitution and interest since they aren't getting some of the channels they're paying for.

And now, here are two stories you don't necessarily need to read. But you know you want to.

Jennifer Aniston Talks Lap Dances, Will Coulter's Testicles and Ryan Gosling With Awkward BBC Reporter (Video)
"Did you know that your name is an anagram of 'finer not in jeans?'"

Behind the Scenes of 'Colbert Report's' Amazing Daft Punk Dance Party (Video)
Remember Stephen Colbert's hilariously over-the-top dance routine to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" last week? Find out how it all came together, even without the band's last-minute decision not to participate.