‘IF’ Heads for $31.5 Million Box Office Opening

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Paramount’s original family film has won over audiences but faces a long road to profitability

Paramount Pictures

The first round of box office returns are a mixed bag for Paramount’s “IF,” which is seeing strong audience reception but isn’t bucking the trend of lower openings for non-IP-based family films with an industry estimated $31.5 million launch from 4,041 theaters.

By comparison, that’s slightly above the $29.6 million opening for last year’s original Pixar film “Elemental,” but below the unadjusted $37.5 million opening for “Hop,” the 2011 original live-action/CGI hybrid family film released by Universal. Pre-release tracking had “IF” opening to $38-40 million, though exhibition sources had projections that topped out at $35 million.

The good news is that opening day audiences have given “IF” strong marks, including an A on CinemaScore and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 85%.


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