‘IF’ Is the Sort of Film the Box Office Hasn’t Had in Years

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Paramount sends in John Krasinski’s original family film at a time when such titles have had a mixed track record

John Krasinski in "IF" (Paramount Pictures)

This weekend’s top film at the box office will likely be Paramount’s “IF,” an original family film directed by John Krasinski that is the kind of offering that hasn’t been in theaters in many years.

In some respects, it is much like numerous family films you’ve probably seen TV spots for: silly CGI-animated creatures voiced by A-listers cavorting in a live-action world with a bewildered human protagonist, played this time by Ryan Reynolds, the Wrexham AFC co-owner and soon-to-be 2024 summer box office king.

What sets “IF” apart is that all the recent live-action/CGI hybrid family films at the box office have been based on a franchise.


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