Iggy Azalea Sues Her Ex-Boyfriend for Alleged Song Theft, Forgery

“Fancy” artist claims that unreleased songs were stolen from her computer

Iggy Azalea
Getty Images

Iggy Azalea’s life is going from “Fancy” to complicated pretty quickly.

The rapper, who’s been generating unwanted headlines lately for an alleged sex tape of her that’s being shopped around, has now filed a lawsuit claiming that early recordings of her were stolen and released without her consent.

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Azalea also alleges that her signature was forged to create a bogus recording agreement.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in California on Wednesday, Azalea (real name: Amethyst Kelly) claims that Maurice Williams — who goes under the alias Hefe Wine and is identified by TMZ as Azalea’s ex-boyfriend — of stealing several early, unreleased recordings of her from her computer. He plans to incorporate them in an EP titled “Inizio” on Sept. 30.

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In the suit, Azalea says that Williams — who she lived with for a short period of time — “downloaded the entire contents of Azalea’s personal computer, including the Unreleased Masters, onto a jump drive without her consent.”

According to Azalea, Williams then forged her signature from an artist management agreement she’d signed and “created a cut-and-paste” fake recording agreement.

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“The Forged Agreement contains tell-tale signs that it is not genuine,” the lawsuit claims, such as “mismatched fonts on the signature page” and paragraph numbers are “out of sequence.”

“In reality, ‘Inizio’ is a bootleg,” the lawsuit says. “Azalea did not authorize Defenddants to copy, reproduce, prepare derivative works from, perform, or sell the Unreleased Masters and lyrics, as the EP ‘Inizio,’ or at all.”

The lawsuit does have ties to Azalea’s sex-tape scandal. TMZ reported Tuesday that Wine, who reportedly also appears in the video and is seeking to sell it, believes he has the rights to sell the tape. The website cited a signed 2009 agreement which supposedly granted him rights to sell “‘any’ recording embodying visual images.” TMZ reported that Wine believes that, if he were to include the music he supposedly had the rights to on the sex tape — using it as the soundtrack of sorts — he would have the right to sell the tape.

Claiming copyright infringement, violation of California civil code and other counts, Azalea is seeking unspecified damages.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.