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Iggy Pop Reveals How to Break in a Pair of Jeans in New Doc ‘Blue Gold’ (Exclusive Video)

”If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not rock ‘n’ roll,“ punk scene fixture Jimmy Webb explains in Christian D. Bruun’s new film

It’s not easy to be a rock star and achieve the perfectly lived-in look to your jeans, as director Christian D. Bruun discovered making his new documentary “Blue Gold: American Jeans.”

Take punk icon Iggy Pop, one of the figures who pops up in Bruun’s social history of denim jeans, which arrives on VOD and DVD on April 4.

“He buys a pair of Levi’s jeans at the beginning of the summer and wears that every single day until the end of the summer and never washes them,” rock biographer Anthony Bozza tells the filmmakers. “Sometime about July he said they start to stink a little but it doesn’t matter because that’s when they start getting good. That’s when they start fitting.”

Bozza continues, “And he said by August, they are sticking to your ass so perfectly that he doesn’t care if no one is going to come near him, it doesn’t matter. He finally has the perfect pair of jeans.”

Or as Jimmy Webb, the manager of the East Village store Trash and Vaudeville that was a fixture of the punk era, put it: “If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not rock ‘n’ roll.”

Edward Burns narrates “Blue Gold,” which includes interviews with fashion icons and musicians such as Tommy Hilfiger, Isaac Mizrahi, Daymond John, Daryl Hall, Marky Ramone, Judy Collins, and the “Godfather of Jeans” & founder of Diesel Adriano Goldschmied.