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Ron Howard’s Imagine To Experiment With Script Writers’ Lab

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer team up with 10 scribes and Reliance to generate screenplays for Universal first look

Imagine wants to put some serious pen to paper.

Aiming to harness the energy and creativity of a bullpen, partners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, in collaboration with Reliance BIG Entertainment, have put together their own in-house collaborative Writer’s Lab.

The Lab has culled a select group of 10 writers for one year. Their goal: to generate 10 to 15 screenplays that they’ll have a stake in, in addition to their salaries.

“This is an approach to screenplay development that I have believed in and wanted to experiment with for years,” Howard said Monday in a statement. “The creative energy and support system The Lab should stimulate is something I am incredibly eager to be a part of.”

“When Ron and Brian brought this unique concept to Reliance, we immediately recognized its tremendous value and potential,” said Amitabh Jhunjhunwala, who runs Reliance’s media and entertainment business.

With that potential in mind, anything that comes of the Lab, which is overseen by long time Imagine Development executive Karen Kehela Sherwood, will go to Universal Pictures and Reliance for a first look and possible purchase.

Of course, that first look won’t be popping up in anyone radar right away.

“The Lab just started up in the last month or so,” Imagine’s Michael Rosenberg told TheWrap, “so right now Ron and Brian are still looking to see what comes out of the mix.”

With a mix of writers and actors includes is Margaret Nagle, who recently wrote for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Michael Fitzpatrick, Lee Patterson, Glen Lakin, Michael Perry, Stacey Harman, Jason Mantzoukas, Scott Aukerman, who worked with Zach Galianakies on “Between Two Ferns” talk show, Daniel Case and one more yet to be brought onboard, you can be sure whatever comes out will end up on the big screen – maybe even directed by Ron Howard.