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‘Insecure': Is There Still Hope for Issa and Lawrence?

TheWrap unravels evidence that may disturb fans rooting for the HBO comedy’s lead couple

Judging by where Season 1 of “Insecure” left off — there probably isn’t hope for the show’s lead couple. What’s more, there is evidence it might actually be completely over between Issa (Issa Rae) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis).

The last scene of the Season 1 finale showed Issa getting a call from Lawrence — who expresses that he misses her, so she runs home only to walk into an empty apartment. And there was one thing Lawrence left behind: His Best Buy shirt, seen hanging in the closet. The scene then cuts to Lawrence in a different apartment, on a different bed… having sex with a different woman. It’s Tasha, the overtly flirtatious woman who worked at the bank (a.k.a. bank girl). Yeah, she didn’t hide her crush on Lawrence at all.

That finale left most viewers shook, and wondering — with a lot of emotional baggage and a whole bunch of unanswered questions — could it really be over between Lawrence and Issa? Most fans came to the conclusion that Tasha and Lawrence’s little scuffle between the sheets was just revenge sex for everything Issa has put him through and that our two lovebirds could and would work it out.

But, according to Jay Ellis, a rekindling between the couple may not come to pass.

“I don’t think it was revenge sex,” Ellis told TheWrap when he stopped by our offices for an interview. “I think there is something actually — you know for a guy who is having a really tough time in his relationship and it seemed like he wasn’t getting support at home and wasn’t getting some of those positive affirmations we all need as humans every once in a while, and that you expect to get from your partner — I think that’s what Tasha became to him was that.”

Apparently, Tasha’s grooming throughout the season didn’t go unnoticed simply because Lawrence wasn’t accepting her advances at the time.

“Every time he saw her at the bank or every time they had lunch together or whatever it was, she told him to keep his head up and kind of patted him on the back and said ‘hey it’s gonna be OK’ — and so I think there was this draw to Tasha because of that,” Ellis added.

So back to the question of whether Season 2 might see Issa and Lawrence come back together. Let’s just say it Issa has more competition than many have assumed.

“I don’t think that he had any bad intentions. I think it just seemed like the person to call and vent and talk to and grew into what it was — which was the two of them having very graphic sex,” said Ellis.

Yes. There was that, too.

Season 2 of “Insecure” debuts on HBO on Sunday July 23. 

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