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‘Insecure’ Star Jay Ellis Says Lawrence-Issa Breakup Felt Like ‘Real Life’ (Video)

”I felt like I spent so much time getting close to Issa [Rae] and that relationship,“ actor tells TheWrap

“Insecure” fans are still pretty divided over the relationship between Issa and Lawrence, but for star Jay Ellis, their breakup was difficult.

“I felt like I spent so much time getting close to Issa [Rae] and that relationship,” Ellis said in an interview with TheWrap. “And just how close we had become as cast mates, I felt like I was breaking up with her as a person in real life.”

Even though Lawrence chooses to hurt the onscreen Issa by sleeping with someone else, Ellis only had praise for Ra, the co-creator, star and executive producer of the HBO comedy.

“She created the show, she’s writing the show, she’s in the writers room the entire time, and then she’s also producing while she’s on set.” he said. “When she’s there as an actress, she’s 100 percent present as an actress. And just to see her focus in that is absolutely amazing.”

“Insecure” is set to return for its second season in July in a prime time slot, with a lead-in from the Dwayne Johnson-led “Ballers” and and hotly anticipated seventh season of “Game of Thrones.” And if that expands the audience for the fan favorite series, Ellis hopes viewers will get to see more of Lawrence’s side of the story this season.

Ellis said he’d like the show to explore “what happens to a guy after he gets cheated on.”

“It’s not something that we get to see, it hasn’t really been talked about on TV a lot, the different stages that we go through,” Ellis said. “Does he go back? Does he become numb and never have feelings again? Does he go out and look for another girl? I would really like to see what happens with that.”