Safe ‘Sex’ on Set: Inside Hollywood’s Push for Intimacy Coordinators

”It’s not like since the invention of stunt coordinators there’s been less violence in films,“ ”The Deuce“ star Emily Meade tells TheWrap

When Emily Meade approached HBO about adding an intimacy coordinator to last year’s second season of “The Deuce,” she didn’t even have a word for who that person would be. What she did know ­­– and was finally willing to admit — was that she felt uncomfortable performing the high volume of sex scenes as an aspiring porn star on the show.

“There’s a stunt coordinator for any stunt, there’s an animal handler for any animal, there’s a chaperone for any child,” Meade told TheWrap. “There’s all these protections put in place for anything vulnerable, and yet sex is one of the most vulnerable things, and there isn’t anyone there.”

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • • Twitter: @brianwelk