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‘The Irishman': Here’s How Many Times Al Pacino Says ‘C—sucker’

We’ve got a list… and timecodes

Al Pacino’s role as murdered union leader Jimmy Hoffa in “The Irishman” has been called some as of the best work of his career… and one that just so happened to require him to call a lot of people “c—suckers.”

In honor of Pacino’s Oscar-nominated performance, we’ve gone back through “The Irishman” and picked out the 17 times Hoffa whips out that slur before he meets his demise at the hands of the Bufalino crime family. And we’ve timecoded it for your convenience, so you can see Pacino play a man raging against his enemies.

#1: Hoffa rants at his inner circle after John F. Kennedy is elected president and an investigation begins against him (1:03:45):

“That f—ing c—sucker Kennedy has got his nose up my ass everywhere I go!”

#2: Hoffa talks to Frank about how he trusts Fitz as the head of a union local but not Tony Pro (1:15:11):

Hoffa: “You’re not perplexed, are you?”
Frank: “Not at all. Not at all. I mean, I told you how I felt about Fitz. Pro? You know…”
Hoffa: “Yeah. Good, because sometimes I feel I’m the only one who sees right through that c—sucker.”

#3: During Hoffa’s fight with Tony Pro in prison (1:37:31):

Tony: “You can get my f—ing money.”
Hoffa: “How?”
Tony: “Some other way.”
Hoffa: “What way?”
Tony: “The same way you got your money. Shh. Lower your f—ing voice.”
Hoffa: “You telling me to lower my voice?”
Tony: “I’m tellin’ you to lower your f—ing voice.”
Hoffa: “C—sucker.”
Tony: “Don’t call me a c—sucker”
Hoffa: “F— you.”

#4 and #5: After getting out of jail, Hoffa grumbles about having to make peace with Tony Pro to get back control of the union. (1:51:04):

Hoffa: “Now I gotta make peace with the c—sucker. Oh, I want to make up with you! I need you to endorse me! Please, Tony! Please… I’m not gonna get through this.”
Frank: “You gotta talk to him, that’s all. Just… you gotta deal with it.”
Hoffa: “Oh, he is a c—sucker, though.”

#6: Hoffa slams the door shut on making any truce with Tony Pro. (1:56:17)

Hoffa: “What do you want me to do? I said, ‘you people.’ What do you want me to do, apologize for it?
Tony: “That’s exactly what I want, Jimmy. An apology.”
Hoffa: “I’ll apologize for it…
Tony: “That’s all I want.”
Hoffa: “After you apologize for being late, you motherf—ing wop c—sucker.

#7-9: Frank’s attempt to calm down Hoffa after the fight with Tony backfires (1:58:37):

Hoffa: “That’s not making me calm down! Standing by me? What the f— does that mean? Standing by me ain’t the same thing as doing something about some out-of-control f—ing psycho!”
Frank: “Jimmy, the Little Guy ain’t a nobody. You gotta understand that. He ain’t a nobody”
Hoffa: “He’s a c—sucker. Fitz is a c—sucker. I’m gonna deal with both these c—suckers…

#10: Frank tries to warn Hoffa that the mob is turning against him (2:03:23):

Frank: “They were saying… ‘Please tell Jimmy we love the guy. We don’t want any problem.
We just think that he should, maybe enjoy his grandchildren, enjoy his pension, enjoy his life as is.'”
Hoffa: “Go no further, Frank. Who said it?”
Frank: “It don’t matter who said it.”
Hoffa: “Oh, it matters. Was it Russell? No, of course it’s not Russell. It’s that little c—sucker from the Miami fiasco?”
Frank: “No.”
Hoffa: “Then who?”
Frank: “Tony.”
Hoffa: “Which Tony? They’re all named Tony. I mean, what’s the matter with Italians? They can only think of one name.”

#11: Frank is worried that Hoffa shouldn’t be at a dinner honoring him because the Bufalinos will be there. (2:06:24)

Frank: “Nah. Nah, it ain’t a good idea. Everybody’s gonna be there. People… You’re gonna be uncomfortable.
Hoffa: I don’t give a f— who’s there. We gonna let those c—suckers keep me from your big night? There’s no way. No. I’m gonna be there. And I’ll be honored to be there. You deserve this.”

#12-13: Russell Bufalino tries to make Hoffa back down on his union plans… only to get another rant about Tony Pro. (2:11:53)

“I sat there every day with that whining c—sucker from New Jersey, talking to me about his woes, his problems, and all I wanted to do was finish my ice cream in peace. This c—sucker
shows up at a meeting 15 minutes late, wearing f–ing shorts! Who wears shorts to a meeting?”

#14: Frank tells Hoffa that he has to sit down with Pro again (2:25:04)

Frank: “It’s gotta be the Little Guy with us.”
Hoffa: “No, I’m not sitting down with that little c—sucker again! Do you understand? I can’t do it, Frank!”
Frank: “No, Jimmy, you gotta sit down with him.”
Hoffa: “We don’t gotta do anything. This is a courtesy with these people. A complete courtesy.
You know that.”
Frank: “I understand. But you gotta try and move past that.”
Hoffa: “Get past it? I am past it! I’m never seeing that motherf—er again.”

#15: Hoffa tells Frank that he’s changed his mind and set up another meeting with Tony Pro, not knowing that he’s walking into a trap. (2:27:38)

Frank: “What time’s the meeting?”
Hoffa: “2:30. And he better not be late, that c—sucker, or wearing those f—ing shorts.”

#16: Hoffa gets picked up at the Machus Red Fox by his son, Frank, and one of Tony Pro’s men. (2:43:00)

Hoffa: “You’re with Pro? Are you with the c—sucker who just stood me up? I don’t wait for anybody more than 10 minutes.”

#17: Hoffa slurs Tony Pro one last time before he is shot by the man he trusted the most. (2:46:17)

Hoffa: “You got your friend with you?”
Frank: [Taps the gun in his pocket] “Right here.”
Hoffa: “Good. You never know with this c—sucker, with or without Russ there.”