Twitter Users Slam Critics Who Slammed ‘Iron Fist': ‘Am I Watching a Different Show?’

Netflix subscribers say scathing reviews are “very exaggerated” — and much worse

Twitter users just punched TV critics with all of their chi.

Netflix subscribers have offered their own opinions about Marvel’s “Iron Fist” on social media — and the show isn’t as bad as the pros said, according to many average Joes binging Season 1. The Finn Jones’ vehicle was torn to shreds last week in early reviews.

Currently, the Danny Rand redemption story has a terrible 19 percent score among critics on — you can tick off one more percentage point for just “Top Critics.” The series has a 36 rating (out of 100) from critics on Metacritic, though it is sitting at a healthier 6.1 (out of 10) among users.

Start streaming the series today and let us know in the comments section who you side with. Until then, here are some of the dissenters who swear that “Iron Fist” Season 1 is not nearly as bad as the paid TV writers claim: