‘She-Hulk’s Tim Roth on Whether Blonsky Is Actually Running a Con: ‘He’s Had Time to Think’

“He’s had time to think, ‘What would work?'” Roth tells TheWrap

Marvel Studios

If you’ve made it through the first three episodes of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” and you’re wondering if Emil Blonsky, a.k.a. Abomination, is actually a reformed man, you’re not alone. So is most of the MCU. Even Tim Roth, who returns as the character from “The Incredible Hulk,” isn’t totally sure.

Right now, the prevailing theory — both among fans and among the MCU’s judicial system — is that Blonsky could never be reformed. Many speculate that he’s just running an elaborate con to get himself out of prison and then unleash his, well, abominable side. And though Roth won’t give up the answer to that, the actor admitted he loved playing with that tension in the character.

“I think what was interesting was that that is the question with him,” Roth told TheWrap. “You’re dancing on a knife’s edge. The original idea was that he would be — from the first movie, if they ever brought him back — where did we find him? Stan Lee and Kevin [Feige] talked about it; he was sealed and welded into a steel box and dropped to the bottom of the ocean. And then when he is released from that, however it happens, what is he? He’s had time to think. And he’s had time to harness the monster.”

But according to Roth, Blonsky hasn’t just been thinking about himself all those years.

“He’s had time to think, ‘what would work? Possibly, what would work?’” Roth said. “And who does he go to to help him? And why?”

Like we said though, Roth wouldn’t give up the answer on whether or not Blonsky is truly good — “Honestly, I’m discovering it still, maybe” he said cheekily — but he did note that there are still characters in “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” that haven’t “landed yet.”

Obviously, one of those characters is Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil. But it seems there may be even more on the horizon.

What we do know though is that Emil Blonsky will come face to face with his old nemesis, the Hulk. Although, as Smart Hulk pointed out in the most meta way last week, it won’t be the same face he knew. Roth admitted that he did get to “experience” Ruffalo’s Hulk — “and his loincloth.”

“I’d always wanted to work with Mark as an actor,” Roth said. “He’s just incredible. He’s an incredible actor. And it just happened to be this! I mean, he’s an extraordinary actor. He’s one of the good ones. So it happened to be this, and we had a lot of fun.”