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Is ‘Suicide Squad’ Critic-Proof? Early Tracking Numbers Say Yes (Video)

The latest box-office tracking for ”Suicide Squad“ indicates audiences don’t care about the Rotten Tomatoes score

The members of “Suicide Squad” seems to have overcome their first obstacle as a team: getting past the bashing the film received at the hands of film critics.

According to the latest box office tracking from Nielsen, “Suicide Squad” is on track to open domestically north of $100 million. If word of mouth is positive and doesn’t drop from Friday to Saturday, the film could, by conservative estimates, see grosses of $120 million or more, the numbers show.

Superhero movies with massive fanboy appeal tend to be frontloaded in terms of grosses. Current Nielsen box office reporting has “Suicide Squad” tracking to open at $140 million or more.

One bright spot for the film: the film is over-indexing in particular with Latino audiences, perhaps thanks in part to the casting of Jay Hernandez as Diablo, an L.A. gangbanger whose powers over fire keep growing, even as he tries to contain them.

“Suicide Squad’ has already opened overseas with $8.1 million, outpacing both “Deadpool” and “Guardians of The Galaxy.”

But reviews for those films were mostly positive, and those of “Suicide Squad” are not. So it remains to be seen what will happen when actual audiences get their first look at the film.

For more detail, watch the video above.


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