Israel Shows Raw Footage of Hamas Atrocities to Journalists

Two hundred members of the foreign press were shown a horrific 43-minute compilation of the atrocities committed by Hamas

Destruction in Israel after Hamas attack on Oct. 7
Destruction in Israel after Hamas attack on Oct. 7 (Getty Images)

The Israeli government showed foreign journalists a 43-minute compilation of horrific raw footage from Hamas’ massacres in southern Israel, an effort to prevent denials of the atrocities committed on Oct. 7. 

On Monday, 200 members of the foreign press reporting out of Israel were shown the footage including scenes of murder, decapitation, and torture from the terrorist invasion of southern Israel. Some of the footage was collected from Hamas terrorists’ bodycams.

The Israeli government screened this for the press in an effort to quell “Holocaust-denial-like phenomenon happening in real-time,” according to an IDF spokesman

Journalists in attendance were prohibited from recording any of the footage. 

The 43-minute video included security camera footage, body cameras of Hamas terrorists, dashboard cameras, call recordings, cellphone videos taken by Hamas or first responders, and more. Still images were also included in the raw footage, showing a decapitated soldier, burned human remains, and a pile of dead bodies in a bomb shelter. 

Political correspondent for the Times of Israel Carrie Keller-Lynn was in attendance and said footage included Hamas terrorists donning IDF uniforms, flagging down civilian cars, and shooting the passengers. 

Another video Keller-Lynn saw included first responders “pouring bottled water over still-smoldering bodies, hoping to snuff out the remaining embers.”

Keller-Lynn added that after the footage was shown, Major Gen. Mickey Edelstein said that the IDF has evidence of rape, but “cannot share it,” without adding further context. 


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