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Issa Rae on How HBO’s ‘Insecure’ Makes Her Feel Like ‘a Spy’ (Video)

”They’re convinced that I’m under their bed in their house because it’s just so true to them,“ Golden Globe nominee tells TheWrap

Issa Rae says fans of her HBO comedy “Insecure” tell her it can sometimes feel like she’s been secretly spying on their lives, and that’s a reaction she takes as high praise.

“They’re convinced that I’m under their bed in their house because it’s just so true to them,” the actress, writer and executive producer said in a video interview with TheWrap. “That’s what I want to here. I love being a spy.”

Indeed, since the comedy premiered last fall, it’s been praised by fans and critics alike for its frank, insightful portrayal of the life of a twentysomething black woman, earning Rae a Golden Globe nomination in the process.

“It’s about you and your friends, and some of the bad decisions that you’ve made,” Rae said, describing the show. “If someone did a story about your life, and they watched it on screen, would you be the hero in your own story? Or would they be like, ‘Girl, why are you doing that? Boy, do better. What’s wrong with you?'”

“That’s what that show is about. It’s the flaws and insecurities of transitioning into your t30s,” she said.

Rae co-created the show with Larry Wilmore based on her popular web series “Awkward Black Girl,” and has written multiple Season 1 episodes in addition to her starring role.

“I’m wearing a bunch of different hats, but thank goodness for a great team,” she said. “Our showrunner, Prentice Penny, runs a tight, really fun ship … We just try to keep it loose and fun. Except for when there are emotional scenes. Then it gets sad.”