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‘It’ Has Broken a Box Office Record Every Day for Past Week

The summer belonged to Wonder Woman, but September is owned by Stephen King’s Pennywise

Much ink has been spilled about “It” and its record-breaking $123 million opening, but the watershed moments haven’t stopped there.

In fact, since Thursday previews were tallied last week, “It” has broken a box office record every day it has been in theaters.

After just six days in theaters, the film has already made $151 million domestically. That’s the third fastest pace of any film this year behind only “Beauty and the Beast” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” The Stephen King horror adaptation is a virtual lock to become one of the top five highest grossing films domestically this year, and will pass “Logan” to become the highest grossing R-Rated film of 2017.

September is a month that traditionally has never been fertile ground for a runaway hit. But thanks to strong marketing and a lack of must-see films for over a month, “It” has taken advantage of its early September release slot and left a trail of broken records in its wake.

Here are all the records it has broken so far:

Thursday, Sept. 7:  $13.5 million from Thursday previews, beats “Deadpool” for highest-grossing preview total for an R-Rated movie.

Friday, Sept. 8: $50.4 million opening day, passes September opening weekend record (“Hotel Transylvania 2,” $48.4 million) in a single day.

Saturday, Sept. 9: $44.9 million, $95.4 million total. Breaks record for biggest horror movie opening (“Hannibal,” $58 million).

Sunday, Sept. 10: $27.9 million, $123.4 million total. Lowest-budgeted movie ever to gross over $100 million in opening weekend. (Budget: $35 million)

Monday, Sept. 11: $8.7 million, $132.1 million total. New record for a Monday in September (“The Sixth Sense,” $6.37 million)

Tuesday, Sept. 12: $11.4 million, $143.5 million total. New record for a Tuesday in September (“Sully,” $4.8 million) and for any horror film (“The Conjuring,” $5.6 million). New box office record for Stephen King adaptations (“The Green Mile,” $136 million).

Wednesday, Sept. 13: $7.9 million, $151.5 million total. New record for a Wednesday in September and for any horror film .

Thursday, Sept. 14: $7.2 million, $158.7 million total. New record for a Thursday in September and for any horror film.

And “It” may not be finished with its record breaking ways just yet. Fandango reports that the film’s second-week ticket sales are the highest for any horror film on its site, and “It” is expected to remain in the No. 1 spot this weekend over newcomers “American Assassin” and “mother!”