‘It’ Child Actors First Saw Pennywise on Camera: ‘We Wanted Their Reactions to Be Real’ (Video)

The Losers’ first encounter as a group with the iconic clown was used in the movie

Do you remember the horrifying projector scene in “It,” where the kids see Pennywise the Clown? Well, that was the first time the actors as a group actually laid eyes on the iconic monster, and it was caught on camera.

In a featurette released by Warner Bros. on the third weekend of the movie’s run at the box office, director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti reveal that they kept the clown (played by Bill Skarsgard) away from the kids as long as possible so their reaction on camera would be authentic.

“We wanted to keep him away because we wanted their reaction to be real,” Barbara Muschietti said. Producer Seth Grahame-Smith added, “It is authentic to how kids should be reacting and that was one of Andy’s things in terms of scaring the kids.”

“The first time we saw him, all together, was the projector scene,” Wyatt Oleff, who plays Stan Uris, said in the featurette.

“It got our real reactions,” added Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben Hanscom), while Finn Wolfhard said, “I was so freaked out.”

In a recent interview with TheWrap, Oleff told TheWrap that the first time he saw Skarsgard dressed as the killer clown, “he was standing next to a monitor and he had his full clown makeup from neck up, and his clown pants, and then he had like a white tank top on, and he’s holding a cup of coffee talking to Andy [Muschietti], the director, and I was like, should I go talk to him? And then I thought to myself, probably not.”

On Friday, “It” became the highest grossing horror movie ever.

See the featurette above.

Watch the video above.