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Jack and Kelly Osbourne Brave a ‘Night of Terror’ on the Haunted RMS Queen Mary (Exclusive Video)

”It’s like ‘The Shining’ in Long Beach,“ Jack Osbourne says in discovery+ special

Jack and Kelly Osbourne have a close encounter of the spine-chilling kind investigating the queen of all haunted locations, the RMS Queen Mary. The elegant ocean liner turned tourist attraction has set silent and empty since it shut down to the public in early 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic struck. Now, in discovery+’s “Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror,” these famous siblings seek out the restless spirits of the passengers, crew and WWII Nazi prisoners of war that died within its steel walls – but never disembarked.

Upon first boarding the quiet, vacant ship, Jack said the only thing he could compare the feeling to was a scene in the Tom Hanks movie, “Big.”

“When he goes back to the carnival to try and find the Zoltar machine and he goes, and it’s just like the eerie vibe,” Jack Osbourne told TheWrap. “That’s what it kind of felt like when you went into [the Queen Mary]. This is such a large, empty vessel and you’re just like, ‘Oh, it just feels beyond creepy.'”

Stories about the Long Beach, California-docked tourist attraction and hotel being haunted go back decades, but paranormal activity has picked up since last year when it was closed due to the pandemic. “This place feels like it’s not supposed to be empty,” Kelly said.

Check out the exclusive teaser video above.

Jack Osbourne Kelly Osbourne

But she and Jack both discover that the QM2 really wasn’t empty – not if you count spirits on the “other side” wandering the halls, occupying the staterooms or trapped in its claustrophobic bowels. One of the many “we are not alone” moments during their investigation came after they were told about the lock on an electric room door that moves on its own.

“For me, the creepiest moment was when the lock started swinging on the door,” Jack said, recalling how they caught on tape the heavy lock moving back and forth, and then the door itself getting a powerful shake by an unseen force.

“It was just so crazy. I was like, wait, is this really happening? It was creepy,” Jack said. “It was an electric room, and so there’s no ventilation in there that could allow a draft or anything like that, because it has to be kind of a weatherproof kind of box. So, yeah, that was really surreal. And then just stuff like going into the room where there’s no power on and a light came on.”

What’s more, Jack flipped the light switch on and off, proving the power was turned off in the guest rooms and, in fact, on the entire ship.

It takes a brave soul to just investigate this famously haunted 1,131.99 ft ship when it’s empty, but to actually sleep there? Not many people would press their luck, but Jack and Kelly did. And as far as Jack was concerned, deciding to stay there was a no-brainer.

“It was more kind of like, ‘Uh, listen, do we have to stay there?’ No, but it was also like, when are we ever going to get an opportunity like this again? We the Queen Mary to ourselves!” he asked and answered. “And by the time we’d actually gone to sleep, we were so wiped out tired. We were just, ‘Screw it.’ I mean, for me anyway, I just went out like a light.”

Jack Osbourne Kelly Osbourne Queen Mary
Kelly Osbourne Jack Osbourne Queen Mary

This is the second paranormal investigation for the siblings. Last October, Jack took Kelly on her first ghost hunt to Heritage Square Museum, a haunted historical site in the heart of Los Angeles filled with relocated Victorian-era houses. It was there that Kelly got her first taste of having psychic abilities.

“I’m still coming to terms with excepting that I may have abilities in this world. I am at that fine line of ‘close the door and run away from it’ or take that leap of faith and really dive into it,” Kelly said.

“Kelly’s a tough cookie,” Jack said of his sister, insisting that he doesn’t get too overprotective of her on investigations. “If anything, we keep on top of each other. I have a tendency to get a bit too jokey, and she has a tendency to kind of check out a little bit. She tells me to stop goofing around and I tell her to focus more. So it’s a good blend when we’re in the midst of it.”

You’ll see in the special that there are plenty of unexplainable things that happen all around them aboard the ship that would have most people run screaming off the ship. But Jack and Kelly, scared? Nah.

“Scared?” Jack asked. “So like, the ghost hunter in me goes ‘All this sucks,’ but this is my show and I produce it, and that side of me is like, ‘This is great!”

“Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror” begins streaming Sunday on discovery+