‘Jack Ryan’ Extended Clip: Chris Pine Barely Survives Assassination Attempt (Video)

There will be property damage

Chris Pine smashes up a Moscow hotel suite in an action-packed extended clip from “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” that hit the web on Saturday.

It’s a brutal physical confrontation that finds the CIA analyst engaging in fierce hand-to-hand combat and dodging bullets as the fight moves from the bedroom to the bathroom — the bidet does not make it through unscathed. The shower’s seen better days too.

The reboot finds Tom Clancy’s venerable hero far away from his desk job, as he travels across the globe to prevent an unscrupulous Russian businessman from triggering an economic disaster. Based on the four-minute teaser, Pine brings the brash energy that captivated fans of “Star Trek” to a part that was already taken up by the likes of Ben Affleck and Harrison Ford.

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The clip ends with a clearly shaken Ryan having a heart-t0-heart with his mentor (Kevin Costner).

“You’re not just an analyst anymore,” Costner tells Pine. “You’re operational now.”

Kenneth Branagh directs, as well as co-stars. The cast includes Keira Knightley and David Paymer. “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” opens on Jan. 17, 2014.

Watch the video: