Jack Swagger Requests Release From WWE (Audio)

Pro wrestler says he wasn’t getting enough money or opportunity

Last Updated: March 1, 2017 @ 2:59 PM

Pro wrestler Jack Swagger requested his release from the WWE on Tuesday.

The two-time WWE Champion revealed the news Wednesday to “Beyond the Fight” podcast host Chael Sonnen, referring to the move as “a business decision.”

“It’s still kind of an ongoing process right now,” Swagger explained on Episode 96. “Basically, it came down to contract negotiations, and we were way off. They didn’t value me at what I thought I was valued at.”

He continued: “They weren’t giving me the opportunity to make the full amount of income I could for my family, so when you put it like that — it’s time to go.”

“It gets very frustrating because we’re out there every night putting ourselves through car wrecks to entertain these fans — and we want to know we’re working towards something,” Swagger explained of his recent exclusion from big matches and storylines.

Swagger told Sonnen that he’s ready to continue his career in Mexico, the U.K. and Japan — also pro wrestling hotspots. The 6’7” 262-pound athlete added that he’s also willing to do a little real fighting in a mixed martial arts cage.

Swagger was an All-American amateur wrestler at the University of Oklahoma. He also played football for the impressive college program his freshman year there.

The WWE did not immediately respond to TheWrap‘s request for comment on Swagger’s announcement and official status.

Listen to the entire “Beyond the Fight” interview above.