Jackie Chan Action Film ‘Vanguard’ Lands November Theatrical Release

Gravitas Ventures will release Stanley Tong’s movie on November 20

Vanguard Jackie Chan
Gravitas Ventures

Jackie Chan will fill in for James Bond, as his new action film “Vanguard” will open on November 20 in North America, the same date vacated by “No Time To Die.”

Gravitas Ventures acquired the North American rights to the film from director Stanley Tong, and the film will receive a wide theatrical release in both the U.S. and Canada, as well as drive-ins and IMAX theaters.

“Vanguard” is the ninth film Chan has made with Tong, which they filmed in London, Dubai, Zambia, China and even an ancient city in India. The film is about an accountant who turns to a cover security company named Vanguard after he is targeted by the world’s deadliest mercenary organization.

“Vanguard” also stars Yang Yang, Ai Lun, Mu Qimiya, Xu Ruohan and Zhu Zhengting.

“Each time I work with Jackie, we are always trying to impress our audience with the best picture and idea. Especially this time, we put a lot of innovation in it. I hope the North American audiences enjoy it. And, I’m so happy to be partnering with Gravitas for the release,” Tong said in a statement.

“Upon my first viewing of ‘Vanguard,’ I instantly became attracted to its big, fun, escapism that reminded me of those globe-trotting action adventures we are all so familiar with. The scope of this film is phenomenal, and the fact that it was filmed on location over land, air, and sea makes it a must-watch entertainment on the biggest screen possible. ‘Vanguard’ is a film that fills a fall action adventure vacancy, with the legendary screen icon Jackie Chan at the forefront. I can’t wait for North American audiences to see this film,” Cameron Moore, Gravitas Ventures senior manager, theatrical distribution, said in a statement.

Gravitas Ventures vice president of acquisitions, Tony Piantedosi, negotiated the deal with Shanghai Lix Entertainment.


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