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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She’s ‘Turned On’ by ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Costars

”I might see a guy once in a while and I’m like, ‘mmm hmm.’ But on the ‘Magic Mike’ set? BABY!“ actress admits

Jada Pinkett Smith finds her “Magic Mike XXL” costars “inspiring” — maybe a little more inspiring than some of the other men she’s worked with in the past.

Pinkett Smith stopped by “The Howard Stern Show” Wednesday and revealed she was turned on by the guys on set of her upcoming film.

“As a woman, my experience has been, you see a guy and you can get a guy to inspire you, but to walk into a room full of men that inspire you? That was the first time that ever really happened to me,” Pinkett Smith admitted.

“When I hear Will [Smith] and my male friends talk about how they will see 40 women a day that they’re like, ‘yo,’ I’m like, ‘really?’ How’s that possible? I might see a guy once in a while and I’m like, ‘mmm hmm.’ But on the ‘Magic Mike’ set? BABY!”

“Really? You were turned on?” Stern asked, to which she responded, “I was!”

But one leading man who apparently didn’t do much for the actress was her “The Matrix” costar Keanu Reeves.

“I auditioned for Trinity but Keanu and I didn’t click,” said Pinkett Smith. “But we actually became really good friends after I played Niobe. […] We just didn’t have any chemistry, him and I! I don’t think it was his fault, I think it was just as much my fault as anybody’s.”

Still, she wasn’t upset that Carrie-Anne Moss got the part as Trinity, because, in Pinkett Smith’s words, Moss was better, and she deserved the role.

“I looked at Carrie and I just think, she’s freaking amazing,” Pinkett Smith added. “There’s no way in the world I would have brought that.”

Another topic discussed during the interview was Pinkett Smith’s departure from “Gotham,” where she played Fish Mooney. When asked if she would consider returning to the Fox series, the actress didn’t immediately rule it out, saying, “We’ll see what happens.”

You can listen to the clip below of Pinkett Smith talking about “Magic Mike XXL.”

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