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Jake Paul on Playing an ‘Amped Up’ Version of Himself on ‘Bizaardvark’ (Video)

The social media star makes his TV debut in a Disney Channel show that he says covers familiar ground

Jake Paul is crossing over from your phone screen to your TV in June with the premier of the new show “Bizaardvark” on the Disney Channel, but the transition won’t be too tough for him.

“I’m actually like a video star in the show,” Paul said in an interview with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “My character is kind of an amped up version of me, so it kinda fits perfectly.”

Paul’s bona fides as a digital star are legit: 5 million followers on Vine, 2 million followers on Instagram, and 700,000 followers on Twitter. TV is a new frontier for him, though, and he’s embracing it after a bit of initial consternation.

“It’s so cool to transition from six seconds or a minute-long Facebook video to doing this scripted acting and multi-cam — all of a sudden I show up on set and there’s like four cameras pointing at me,” Paul said. “I was overwhelmed at first.”

Check out the video above for the full interview, in which Paul also talks about getting started on Vine, and the movie he wrote with his brother.

“Bizaardvark,” starring Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu, is about two best friends who make up songs and post them online.