Jameela Jamil Says ‘Society Is Gonna Collapse’ if Federal Abortion Ban Happens: ‘We Are Already Way Over Our Heads’

“You will all suffer the consequences of a crowded, broken political, healthcare, and education system,” Jamil said on “The View”

Jameela Jamil (Getty Images)
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Jameela Jamil stopped by “The View” on Wednesday, and had some blunt predictions for the country if a federal abortion ban were to pass. The actress cautioned that, if it happens, “our whole society is gonna collapse.”

Jamil — who was on the show in support of her new series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” — has been a vocal supporter of abortion rights, having previously opened up about her own abortion (and doing so again on Wednesday). So, when Joy Behar asked for her thoughts on Sen. Lindsey Graham proposing a federal abortion ban this week, Jamil laid them out clearly, noting that she’s “horrified” by the idea.

“Our whole society is gonna collapse if this happens,” she said. “If we force millions more people into a world where we have no baby formula, not enough access to healthcare, not enough access to education, not enough access to shelter — the cost of living crisis, the housing crisis — we are already way over our heads!”

Jamil added that she is “completely” with Stacey Abrams — who was also a guest on the show on Wednesday — on the matter. Earlier in the show, Abrams said that “abortion is a medical decision, not a political decision,” and Jamil added that, if a federal abortion ban were to pass, it would negatively impact everyone, regardless of political affiliation or religious beliefs.

“If we are forcing millions of people into this world, we are, as a society — whether you are right, whether you are left, whether you are pro-life or not, it doesn’t matter — you will all suffer the consequences of a crowded, broken political, healthcare, and education system,” she said.

The actress went on to once again open up about her own abortion, and the circumstances that led to it, lamenting that there’s not more general knowledge of the abortion process at large.

Meanwhile, at the start of the show, Behar took a moment to outright thank Graham for publicly proposing a federal healthcare ban — because he “driving more women to vote Democrat in the Fall!”