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Here’s How Many Times ‘Spectre’ References Previous James Bond Adventures (Video)

A video outlines every 007 connection made in the most recent blockbuster

“Spectre” was full of nods to Agent 007’s past.

A new video created by a very dedicated James Bond fan outlines every reference to the super spy in his latest big screen adventure. Apparently, director Sam Mendes’ blockbuster makes multiple references to Daniel Craig‘s previous Bond movies, and even author Ian Fleming’s novels.

For starters, Craig finally took a sip of the classic vodka martini Bond has ordered throughout the franchise, and he gets to drive the DB5 — a classic Bond car.


The corkscrew helicopter stunt seen in the opening sequence of “Spectre” mimics a car stunt performed in 1981’s “For Your Eyes Only,” and that train fight was awfully similar to one in “From Russia with Love.”

“Spectre” is up to $130 million domestically and the thriller from Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer and Eon Productions ruled the world as well. It was No. 1 globally for the second straight weekend, and is on the way to a record-breaking $48 million debut in China. It has now rung up nearly $550 million at the worldwide box office in roughly two weeks.

Watch the video above.