James Corden, Jimmy Fallon Both Perform Late-Night Duets With Hollywood Guests (Videos)

The CBS star teams up with Kristin Chenoweth, while NBC’s main man plays piano with Chevy Chase

It was a night of late-night duets, as both James Corden and Jimmy Fallon performed a song with a famous guest.

First up, Corden used his smooth vocal stylings to woo Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth out of her dressing room when she wasn’t sure if she was up to appearing on “The Late Late Show.”

The two collaborated on a beautiful, and funny, song called “Why Don’t We Chat?” Corden started things off with lyrics like, “So come out and join me/Share a few stories/I’ll plug your new project/I know you’ll like that.”

Chenoweth was apparently convinced, as she soon joined Corden onstage and the pair belted out their song to the back row.

Over on “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon was doing a duet of his own. A fan asked if Fallon played the piano, and if so, could he play a song for the show. However, as Fallon is still recovering from a gruesome injury to the ring finger on his left hand, he needed a little help.

Enter “Vacation” star Chevy Chase, who was apparently recovering from an injury of his own. “It’s not good,” Chase said with his arm in a sling. “I was whacking off to old episodes of ‘Mary Tyler Moore.'”

Each armed with one good hand, Fallon and Chase stepped up a nearby piano and were able to competently play at least one song together.

Watch Corden and Chenoweth above, and then watch Fallon and Chase below.